In August of 1948, Louis F. Bauman started a career with Mobil Oil Corporation (then called Socony Vacuum) as a commissioned agent.  The main office and Bulk Plant were located in Crystal City, Missouri along Highway 61-67.  The business flourished as the area grew and developed into a strong trade area throughout the greater part of Jefferson County and South St. Louis County servicing homeowners with heating oil, farmers with gasoline and lubricants and service stations with a wide variety of automotive products.

In September of 1980, Paul F. Bauman joined with his father in the business and later arranged the financing to purchase the assets of Mobil Oil Corporation and formed a distributorship under the corporate name of Bauman Oil Distributors, Inc.  The corporation’s charter was officially established on December 17, 1980.

Since then, Bauman Oil has developed a strong presence in the area and now distributes fuel and lubricants throughout a 7 county area.

The home office and main Bulk Plant is located at 1503 Commercial Blvd., Herculaneum, Missouri.  Another satellite office and Bulk Plant is located at 505 Veterans Blvd., Potosi, Missouri.  Along with a fleet of 7 tankwagons, the company also operates 4 transports throughout a 7 county area.