Herculaneum Plant

Herculaneum Bulk Plant
PO Box 3
1503 Commercial Blvd.
Herculaneum, MO 63048

Main Local Phone Number 636.937.3412
St. Louis Metro Phone 636.931.5823
Toll Free Number 1.800.933 LUBE (5823)

The primary area of distribution from this plant by tankwagon delivery is Jefferson County, St. Louis County, and Northern St. Francois County. Delivery by Transport covers an approximate 150 mile radius from this Plant.

List of Employees at the Main Office/Herculaneum Bulk Plant:

Paul F. Bauman, President

Jeremy Bauman, Vice-President
Cell Phone: 314-283-2433

Russ Bange, General Manager/Dispatch
Cell Phone: 314.640.2738

Bobby Venz, Lubricant and Tankwagon Sales Manager
Cell Phone: 314.550.5770

Dan Dill, Tankwagon Sales
Cell Phone: 314.813.3330

Danny Staffen, Tankwagon Sales
Cell Phone: 

Eric Sarakas, Tankwagon Sales

Bob Jackson, Maintenance Supervisor
Cell Phone: 314.807.4970

Ryan Freeman, Comptroller
Main Office

Cindy Rhodes, Office Manager / Accounts Receivable
Main Office

Tori Ferguson,  Administrative Assistant

Transport Division Drivers:

Terry Schriver
Kerry Lachance
Jim Vickery
Bob Heinz
Tracy Byerly
Roger Winch
Scott Woodward
Jeff Childs